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Backstage 360 were privileged to be asked to come to Ravenscroft’s first show in San Diego to conduct an interview and review their performance. Of course we jumped at the opportunity being that we are not only fans of the band, but also friends.
Upon arriving we quickly realized that this was going to be an epic night, The party bus arrived first from Orange County, the bands home area. As the fans of the band started piling out the vibe became apparent. This was their first show in the San Diego area and people were anxiously anticipating the bands show.

Ravenscroft PromoWe here at Backstage360 have been following this band for the last 2 years so we definitely knew what to expect. Pure carnage ensued as soon as Ravenscroft hit the stage. There was a mad rush to the front of the stage and it was on from the outset. Lead singer Ralph Buso has an uncanny ability to draw the fans right in with his voice and lyrics. The band consisting of Devin Baker / Bass and Vocals, Brett Octane Guitar, and Drummer Pat Magrath just killed it. The music that this band has written is in your face Metal with a melodic twist. Their music attracts a very diverse audience because of their influences. You can hear Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, Pearl Jam, Rob Zombie and even a nod to the grunge era. Make no mistake their music is not poppy but you will find yourself humming those catchy melodies.

If you get a chance to witness a Ravenscroft show you will walk away as I have many times saying, wow, what did I just see? This bands live show will evoke so many memories of the greatest bands ever. Their songs are strong and melodic with eye opening lyrics. If you support live music you owe it to yourself to catch Ravenscroft live as well as downloading their album and newest music video, “CAULDRON OF DECEIT “. This group is on the rise here on the west coast and, soon to be the world.

We felt honored to be part of their first show in San Diego at the famed Brick by Brick and I’m sure we will get to see this amazing band again. To all the Ravenscroft fans and to the Band, thanks for asking Backstage360 to be part of your journey.

RocmanRocks / Backstage360
Images provided by Ravenscroft

In the interview that we did with the band you can hear the latest news that the band is working on. They are currently recording more new originals, have  a pending new record deal and management contract.

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